Wednesday October 18th 2017

Xenoblade – Slashing Away on Consoles Soon (…Hopefully)!

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Xenoblade is a new game that may be coming for the Wii this year. While it follows a common premise, the graphics and unique perspective may make this game something fans of Anime and Fantasy have been waiting for.

Eons ago, two deities had fought one another in a struggle of ultimate power. This was a true battle of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ which created two distinct worlds that players will be able to battle across. The very continents your character roam upon are the bodies of those deceased Gods. One land is robotic by appearance and a wasteland filled with robotic enemies, while the other, is fertile and a vast green ecosystem.

The game was, at first, to be called Monado. This is the sword your character handles. It is the relic of the battle the Gods fought, centuries ago. This blade has an amazing ability to slice threw your enemies with its lazer like blade (kind of like a lightsaber on steroids). As well as make your character look uncharacteristically flamboyant. (The blade is red and blue for crying out loud!)

The game was released in Japan during 2009 and Nintendo announced at E3 that they would be taking the game to the U.S., unfortunately we are still waiting for a release date. However, rumor has it we may be expecting the game sometime in Summer of 2011.

This R.P.G. (Role Playing Game) may be one of the best and riveting games of the new year. If this game lives up to its hype, it may rival Final Fantasy playability. The vast lands and combat style should keep gamers busy for a long time to come. There is also a small town warm feeling in this game that brings the whole world (albeit a God’s decayed body) down to earth. Although there is still little to be heard about this game, one thing is certain, Xenoblade has the potential to be the best Wii game yet!

Based on all the material I have been able to find so far on the web and magazines, this seems like it will be a single player game, but may have some online play ability. There will be other characters available that you can manipulate and switch to.

Below are a few trailers. Although it is in Japanese, the video still shows the enormous structure of the game, and its characters. Cut scenes are pretty graphic, and the combat show is basic despite the many techniques available.

This is what its fighting sequences are like…

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