Thursday October 19th 2017

Vote Star Trek for the NASA Wake-up Call!

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NASA has posted two really fun and important free contests on their site. We are getting close to the final launches of our shuttle program, so these contests really provide a lot of publicity to NASA and also offer the opportunity for fans to show their appreciation.

The first part of the contest is to determine two of the songs that will serve as a wake-up call for their astronauts during the 133rd Space Shuttle flight scheduled for November 1, 2010. As you may have guessed, the original Star Trek theme is on the list. Click here to vote for Star Trek.

As of this posting, the original Star Trek theme is in the lead, but it is a narrow margin. If we want this to be a landslide you have to really show your Uber-Nerd colors and spread the word. The deadline for final voting on the song in November 1 (which coincides with the launch date). I don’t see a limit on how many times you can vote, but I tried four times and I think it went through. The Star Wars theme is also there, but it is way behind. So I guess it comes down to your nerd conscience on how you want to spread your votes (I did 2 for each). Click the image for a close-up of the early results.

The second part of the contest is an opportunity for aspiring musicians to compose, create, and promote an original song (presumably inspirational) by January 10, 2011. Top entries will be posted for a public vote starting on February 8, 2011 and again the two winning songs will be chosen. These songs will be played during the 134th launch.

Click here to vote for Star Trek or find out more information about both contest by clicking here to access the official NASA Space Rock contest website.

Special thanks to the always amazing and beautiful Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek’s Original Uhura) for pointing this opportunity out to fans. You can learn more about the final NASA launches here: Final NASA Launch Postponed to 2011

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