Wednesday October 18th 2017

Thor Mjolnir Hammer – Wield The Power of the God of Thunder!

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With the movie coming out soon, we will hopefully see more Thor collectibles out on the market, but that also means existing high quality pieces will be harder to get. We have been scouring the web and found a few items. These two hammers are opposite ends of the spectrum but still appear excellent in design.

The 1000 piece limited edition Classic Battle Worn Mjolnir Hammer Of The Mighty Thor is an authorized museum quality replica of the fabled Mjolnir hammer given to Thor by his father Odin.

Composed of an aluminum head (I guess the Asgardian metal Uru was out of stock) and a shaft of wood wrapped with leather, the hammer is designed to show battle wear.

The head even has the enchanted inscription: “Whosoever holds this hammer if he be worthy shall possess the power of Thor”.

The hammer measures approximately 18 inches long by 8 inches wide and is mounted on a removable acrylic display case designed to resemble the mountains of Mount Olympus (fabled home of the Gods).

The price ranges anywhere from $600-$800.

On the more affordable side is this Thor Mjolnir Deluxe Hammer – Costume Quality Replica.

With many of the same features, but with a price range of about $65, this is something even Loki would be proud of. These are not limited edition, but you can be sure they will probably be harder to find in a few months.

It is approximately 20 inches long, which is a bit longer than the museum quality collectors piece.

It also has the mythical writing (though not as clear), and has a pleather/vinyl wrapped grip instead of leather.

It is of course more lightweight, but that is expected and preferred in a costume piece.

No, these can’t be used for household chores (so that purchase excuse is pointless), but with enough mental persistence who knows, maybe you can change the weather a bit.

Click the links or images for more information on either. Enjoy!

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