Wednesday October 18th 2017

Terminator The Musical

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I found it strange that someone made a musical segment on Terminator (that’s Terminator 2 by the way), but after watching it, I have to say they made a nice attempt at comedic summary of the film.

Admittedly it is semi-cheesy, campy and loaded with bad acting, but that seems to have been the overall intention. Overall I thought it was a really nice fan based attempt to bring comedy and music to a beloved sci-fi action classic. They even stay within the general storyline.

To be honest, the musical numbers aren’t half bad. I especially loved the Sarah Conner solo. If you look past the bad dance routines, and look at it for the fun of fan film-making, you might actually enjoy it.

Kudos to making all the Terminators female.

Although this was fun, click here to see a much better musical attempt made by fans who created two Harry Potter Stage Musicals.

Terminator 2 – The Musical: Part 1

Terminator 2 – The Musical: Part 2

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