Thursday October 19th 2017

Taranis is coming! Skynet just became more deadly.

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A British website, (and a growing number of others), MailOnline, reported today that a new prototype for a Stealth jet called the “Taranis” (Named after the Celtic god of thunder) was unveiled today.

Ominous enough for you? Congratulations! It's a Cylon!

Development began in 2006 and the intention is to begin test flights sometime next year. This is a military plane that can be flown remotely from anywhere on Earth, but the scary part is that it will have an “autonomous artificial intelligence system” that will allow it to defend itself. Not sure what that means, but any machine that may have weaponry and can make it’s own mind up on something does not sound good. (I barely trust the ATM. It always says I have no money.)

The plane’s cost is approximately $215 million dollars and the propulsion is apparently being designed by Rolls Royce.

I found some other articles on this of interest that talk about some of the features planned with the jet. They seem to be older articles, but they have more detail than the above article.

I guess I am going to have to install laser targeting on my “Transition® by Terrafugia“, which should be arriving as soon as I can sell all my assets.

Just one final note. If your name is John Connor, you may want to start planning your escape route.

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  • Aliens Are Among US says:

    I think I saw one of these flying over my backyard last week. It looked like a Cylon and just hovered there.

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