Tuesday November 21st 2017

Supersized Galactus with Silver Surfer

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Finally there is a Galactus worth getting excited about. The Marvel Universe Masterworks Galactus with Silver Surfer is a full 19 inches high and even has lights and says phrases. The addition of Silver Surfer makes this a true collectible. The figure set goes for about $45.

A few years ago Marvel released various signature characters, each with a piece of Galactus. While it was frustrating to collect figures you may not want, it was marketing genius. Unfortunately assembling the final figure was a little frustrating as each piece had to be pushed into the respective joint and often led to damaged or a poorly completed collectible. There have also been smaller versions and cartoony “Superhero Squad” version, but it’s good to see Marvel finally took Galactus seriously.

For those unfamiliar with the character, Galactus briefly appeared in the movie “Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer“.

Unfortunately his appearance was more of a mist and less of the figure you see here.

Galactus is a devourer of planets that support life. He feeds on the life force within planets and leaves nothing behind and his hunger is immense.

Galactus is not so much a villain as he is a force of nature.

To save his planet, the Silver Surfer gave up his own life to be made into a herald who would help Galactus search for planets he could feed on.

The relationship between these two has provided many great story lines and classic issues.

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