Thursday October 19th 2017

Super Predator Skull

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They say good things come in threes. I would say this proves it. I’ve reviewed 2 skull type Collectibles over the past 30 days, a really cool and detailed normal mythology Alien skull and a Classic Predator skull that would frighten the midochlorians right out of me. Check them out, they are pretty awesome. I have no idea why I am finding so many skulls lately, but these items are definitely unique detailed collectibles and this new skull is (excuse the pun) a head above the rest.

This Super Predator Skull Prop Replica is designed on the new larger hunter introduced in the 2010 Predators movie (check out our review). While the movie was not on par with our hope for the genre, this piece of art is.

The skull is fully articulated and “life sized”. Granted, you can’t really say life-size on a fantasy item, but when you look at the product size specs of approximately 18″ H (457.2mm) x 18″ W (457.2mm) x 11″ D (279.4mm) and a weight of approximately 18.00 lbs (8.16 kg), you really have no choice but to agree.

This item is currently available for pre-order and has payment installment options, but much like the Limited Edition 1940’s Captain America Steel Shield I told you about, you can be sure this item will go fast.

Click the image to get more info on this cool item.

Check out our review on cool Predator weaponry collectibles.

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