Thursday October 19th 2017

Super Mario Brothers Chess Set

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Lately it seems the market is saturated more than ever with various versions of Monopoly, Risk, Trivial Pursuit, Uno, and most recently Deluxe Star Trek Edition Scene It?, R2D2 Trouble, Guess Who Star Wars, and even Donkey Kong Jenga.

Essentially games branded with our favorite genres and nothing more. It’s not a new concept, but sometimes it gets annoying to see how much commercialism floods the market with our beloved icons in order to drain every penny from a franchise with poor quality items.

I usually avoid these items because they try to draw you in as a collector, but unlike the Star Trek 3D Glass, Gold, and Silver Chess Set I recently reviewed, they usually offer little collector value or anything even worthwhile other than a genre brand on a board and box, this item however is different. A friend tipped me off on these and I went to a local bookstore where they were on display.

The Super Mario Brothers Chess Set, based on Nintendo Characters, comes in a tin box, and has very detailed characters from the Mario Brother franchise. The pieces are very sturdy and almost perfect replicas. I have not seen these in any toy stores or collector shops, so I found it interesting it was in a bookstore of all places. Looks like it came out sometime last year, but if I haven’t seen them with my obsessive collector nature, I am sure many of you haven’t either. More than likely, we probably all over-looked them due to the excessive saturation lately. While there are many chess sets out there, what this item offers is an excellent way to teach a younger generation to play chess, with characters they already love.

Product Features:

  • 18.5″ square board features unique design from the Super Mario video game franchise;
  • Thirty two hand-painted figurines – tallest piece is 2.5″ tall
  • Instead of dark vs light pieces, the game is themed Mario’s Heroes vs Bowser’s Troop or Good guys vs Bad Guys.

Mario’s Heroes are delineated as follows:

  • King = Mario
  • Queen = Luigi? (yep – I think we always knew it)
  • Bishop = Princess Peach
  • Bishop = Daisy
  • Knights = Yoshi
  • Rooks = Toad
  • Pawns = Coins

Bowser’s Troop are delineated as follows:

  • King = Boswer
  • Queen = Bowser Jr. (I’m noticing a pattern here)
  • Bishops = Magikoopa
  • Knights = Birdo
  • Rooks = Goomba
  • Pawns = Green Shells

I love the shells and coins as pawns, but my only gripe is that they did not make the Yoshi’s other colors or be a little more creative on the villain side. Still all in all, this is a great set for chess lovers and Super Mario fans alike.

Click here for more information and reviews or to purchase the Super Mario Brothers Chess set!

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