Wednesday October 18th 2017

Star Wars Cookie Jars – Beware the Dark Side!

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The dark side may have cookies, but these jars look to be more art than holder. Still these are nicely detailed containers, perfect for your dark secrets or maybe just dark chocolate.

First the troops. Unfortunately for those of us who are not fans of the last three of the trilogy, aka the prequels, they only seem to have Stormtroopers from that era. Both go for about $55 and are around 11 inches high. Click the images for more info.

The Darth Vader Cookie Jar comes complete with his classic Red Lightsaber. At around $100, cookies would be the last thing I would put in this one. Perhaps plans the new Death Star 3.0. Oooh yeah.

While he is still a Lord of the Sith, the Darth Maul cookie jar goes for about $50, which is 50% less than his successor. Perhaps the 1/2 price is symbolic of his demise.

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