Tuesday November 21st 2017

Spider-Man the Musical: Preview on Good Morning America!

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A preview of Spider-Man the Musical “Turn Off The Dark” was shown on GOOD MORNING AMERICA yesterday morning! The story revolves around the challenges of Peter Parker as not so much a superhero, but as a person adjusting to the duality of his life. Sounds like an interesting concept. The show is expected to launch on November 14th, and tickets are now on

(UPDATE: The musical star date has been moved to November 28, 2010)

For more information, including updates on dates and cost, click this link to visit the Spider-Man Musical – Turn Off The Dark website.

Good Morning America interviewed the power behind the show, Bono and The Edge (from U2), and Director Julie Taymor.

I especially loved how Bono stumbles around this question and never answered it at around 2:50 in the clip. Regardless of how much of a fan he is though, you know we can expect some great music with U2 helming the sound.

    George Stephanopoulos: “What about the Comic Bono…were you guys Comic Spider-man fans as kids?”

    Bono: “There’s a big thing, always been a thing in rock and roll and punk rock and kind of you know comics, it’s gone back a while but I think we’re interested in it because it’s a really quintessential New York Story, and we are all kinda wannabe New Yorkers…”

The show will feature the Green Goblin in a new theatrical styled costume, and a new character developed for the musical called “Swiss Miss”, in a costume with various Swiss Army gear.

You can watch the Good Morning America news clip below for the full interview:

There was a performance of a few songs from the new musical with Reeve Carney (who also holds the title role), but unfortunately I was only able to find anything other than this amateur version taken straight from the TV. It is pretty clear, but if Good Morning America posts anything clearer, I’ll be sure to post it here, but for now enjoy.

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