Tuesday October 17th 2017

Robot Chicken, Chicken

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The official Robot Chicken mascot is out there and waiting for you. At a full 10 inches this figure is suitable for display and even has lights and sounds. I got the chance to check this out in person and can tell you it’s all plastic, so don’t expect feather down or plush, but this just means it’s more durable. It looked pretty cool considering the earlier collectibles from the show were in the 3-5 inch range.

If you are not familiar with the character or show, Robot Chicken is a sketch comedy spoof on many of the stuff we talk about here on UNN. It is done entirely in stop motion using action figures and claymation. The show is loaded with pop-culture sci fi, fantasy, comic book, movie, toys, and fad references that reach out to new and older generations and put our favorite characters in unusual situations. It can sometimes be very adult, so it is really an acquired taste, but it is pretty funny.

The production is led and written by Seth Green, Matthew Senreich, Douglas Goldstein and Tom Root and features the voices of many co-starring celebrities.

The show airs on Comedy Central and has already had four seasons. Season 5 premieres in January 2011. Since it is a sketch comedy you can jump in or out of any episode or season and not feel as if you need to watch previous episodes to catch up.

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