Thursday October 19th 2017

Rem Statue from Death Note

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Rem is a Shinigami (Death God) from the very popular Anime Series Death Note. Shinigami’s watch the world of the living. Each Shinigami has a Death Note they use to reap souls. If they drop their books and a human picks it up, the human is able to mark people for death, all in the power of a simple notebook. Any name written in the book (and ultimately taken) will extend the life of a Shinigami by the number of the years that person should have lived. Unfortunately, you can’t trust a demon, there is always a cost.

Right now that cost is about $72. 🙂 Rem the Shinigami from Death Note is available from Sideshow.

If your name is written in the Death Note, you will die. The cool thing is whoever holds the notebook can also make creative details on how the death will occur. (Tip, never write your name in the book to prevent loss or theft.)

The series creates a mythology all its own, and has a genius detective with an unusual sweet tooth, always on the hunt to solve the supposed random murders. His name, simply L.

Rem is an unusual character in the series, because unlike other Shinigami’s, it became protective of a human, Misa Amane. Rem’s feelings towards her was so great, it eventually sacrificed its own life in order to save Misa.

This nicely sculpted statue captures the presence of the Rem statue in the signature character pose from the movies and series.

The dimensions are approximately 10″ H (254mm) x 14″ W (355.6mm) x 6″ D (152.4mm) and it is priced at US $71.99.

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