Thursday October 19th 2017

R2D2 Motorola Droid Phone – Now Available!

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While the Trekkers/Trekkies in us still await patiently for the inevitable Star Trek styled communicator, the Fanboys/Fangirls in us have been rejoicing with the planned launch of the Star Wars themed R2D2 edition of the Verizon & Motorola Droid phone which was announced this summer. At long last, they have finally confirmed the release date for this Thursday, September 30th, 2010.

Click for a close-up of the R2D2 Droid Phone!

The phone will be available as a limited edition of only 50,000 total units and will feature a 5 megapixel camera with DVD quality video recording, a large 3.7 inch touch screen, and a cool docking station.

Not exactly the high end of the newest line of Droid phones, but how long does state-of-the-art last anyway?

The estimated cost for the phone is approximately $350. If you opt into the 2 year contract, you receive a $100 rebate so the price drops to around $250, but keep in mind that price is based on a 2 year phone plan contract, and the addition of an unlimited access internet plan at $29.99/month.

The phone comes with cool widgets, 2 animated screen savers (showing the jump to hyper-speed and the Millennium Falcon dodging asteroids), background images, built in sounds, and a great looking digital clock feature.

You can click this link to check out the interactive demo of the Star Wars themed R2D2 edition of the Verizon & Motorola Droid phone on the official website.

Considering all the free droid apps available, it may be time for an upgrade!

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3 Comments for “R2D2 Motorola Droid Phone – Now Available!”

  • Falcon Flyer says:

    I had to return this phone. It broke after 3 weeks. It just dropped once from my hands and stopped working. That really sucked. I just got a new replacement one a few days ago. I am buying a case this time.

  • Megan P says:

    I love this phone. I got it and when you shake it, the screensaver moves. It is so awesome. I just wish they put a better camera in it.

  • bobby says:

    I got mine!!!!! I love this phone – thanks for the tip! I am such a nerd right now…

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