Tuesday November 21st 2017

Predator Weaponry Collectibles

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Well the new movie had mixed reviews and as we wrote in our review, we thought it was severely lacking, but we are not ready to abandon our love of the franchise. Over the last two months we reviewed and were really impressed by the awesome and highly detailed Classic Predator Skull and Super Predator Skull. These looked so amazing, you would believe they remnants of real aliens.

Well we just discovered there are also some cool Predator Weaponry items for sale. These are not toys and definitely not for children. These items look and probably can be very dangerous so be mindful of having these where they can hurt someone. I know this may seem obvious, but you should never use any of these items as self defense or in LARPing/CosPlaying.

The Predator Circular Shuriken Weapon seen in the Alien Vs. Predator (AVP) film adds a new twist to an ancient earth weapon, aka the ninja throwing star.

I would not throw this, considering it is not a toy, but also because it has 6 stainless steel blades and measures an approximate overall length of 14.5 inches by 9.5 inches from handle base to blade. Some of the reviews mentioned the blades are mounted in plastic, but this is still a nice display item, just don’t be careless with it.

The price has recently dropped from the usual $50-$60 range I have seen it at and it now goes for about $30 including shipping (I guess in part as a result of the bombed movie). The overall reviews seem great.

As far as we can tell, this is not an authorized piece, but at that price it may be worth taking a risk. Don’t worry however because we did find at least two authorized replicas. Just remember you get what you pay for, because these will blow your mind and your wallet.

The Predator Cutting Disc Prop Replica is amazing. This is the boomerang type throwing disc seen in Predator 2 with Danny Glover.

The display stand is actually a Predator hand and the disc itself has lights that flicker when activated (pulled apart), which are true to the movie.

This piece is created by Hollywood Collectibles Group with guidance from Stan Winston Studios and is supposed to be accurately detailed and taken from original molds.

It measures approximately 17 inches in height, and the cutting disc measures approximately 10 inches in diameter when closed.

Can’t seem to find anything on the web on battery requirements or on materials so I guess we have to rely on the image. I reached out to one of the vendors, but no response as of yet. This is a limited edition 1000 piece collectible that is priced around $330 with shipping. You have to admit it looks fantastic.

The Predator Dagger is an authentic prop replica built off of the dagger shown in Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem.

The dagger materials are vague but the description says that it is cast in real metal and includes a polystone display base.

This is a limited edition item that is really hard to find since only 500 pieces were created.

It’s made by the same folks that distribute the Classic Predator Skull and Super Predator Skull we told you about and is already sold out on their site.

The dimensions are approximately 26 inches in height (660.4mm) x 5.5 inches in width (139.7mm).

The detail and colors on this piece are extraordinary. It has a beautiful open mouthed serrated blade and even a hook on the handle.

As cool as this looks, please don’t forget it can be very dangerous, and is definitely not a toy. If you purchase this, please be sure to keep it protected and away from children.

The piece is being sold for around $220 including shipping.

It can still be found online at some shops, but you can be sure it won’t be long before these are all locked away with collectors.

Last but not least is another authorized replica offered by Sideshow Collectibles, an Aliens vs. Predator Detailed Spear Prop.

Originally priced at around $300 and loaded with awesome detail, the item was limited to 500 pieces and unfortunately is no longer available anywhere. It would be worth keeping an eye out for on eBay though.

Keep in mind there are several other “Predator” type collectibles out there (including a Predator Axe, a Claw, and a collapsible Predator spear that looked like garbage) so be careful what you buy. If you are buying any collectible item for someone else, and you are not a fan of the franchise, feel free to reach out to us and we will research it the best we can for you. Many times it is just someone making a cheap unauthorized knock-off.

I found very few positive Customer reviews on the net with the other items out there so as with anything, use the Buyer Beware rule if you plan to buy it. At least purchasing through Amazon has a 3rd party dispute policy to help you get a refund if you feel cheated, but we really would advise you to avoid these items or at least wait for sufficient positive reviews.

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    I love unique stuff like this. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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