Thursday October 19th 2017

Review of the 2010 New York Comic Con / New York Anime Festival

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The New York Comic Con (NYCC) / New York Anime Festival (NYAF) wrapped up this past weekend on October 10th.

UberNerdNation was at this event, passing out crappy (yet strangely cool) keychains and taking tons of photos (see them below!), and we have one word to describe it…phenomenal. The event was held at the Jacob K. Javits Center and an amazing sea of fans and celebrities were present. The combination of the two events, sponsored by the same organization, may have been a mistake however. The plan was to bring the fans together, and it did, but at the same token it seemed the grand NY Anime Festival from last year was short-changed.

I went to both events last year and they were equally packed, and gave fans two awesome opportunities to see vendors and shows in a one year period. This combination put the Anime Festival pretty much in the basement and also had an impact on vendors, since many of them generally catered to both events and of course chose to be at the larger of the two, the NY Comic Con.

Anime lovers weren’t the only ones hurt by this blending. At the Big Apple Comic Con this year, which occurred one week prior, there seemed to be a significant reduction in the number of costumed fans.

All in all, this was insanely packed and wonderful event, but I really hope they split again next year. You can never have enough Comic Cons or Anime Conventions, and there really is no need to compete.

It took us a few days to sort through them all, but check out our 132 photos of the event below! If some don’t show, be sure to refresh the page or click an image to visit us on If you see your photo and would like a higher quality image, email us! We’ll be glad to oblige if we can, just note a handful of images unfortunately came from our video or phone shots so they aren’t great.

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Special thanks to Brian and Sayuichi for their help at the event and for taking photos!

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  • Super Rosa says:

    I think I saw you there! Thanks for the keychain. It wasn’t crappy! I love this little guy. I love my photo – I’ll send you an email so you know who I am. Maybe we can meet up again next year and I can grab whatever else you are giving away hee hee. It was fun talking to you guys!

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