Thursday October 19th 2017

Nerd Umbrellas – Saturation Prevention Mechanisms That Rule!

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What goes up when the rain comes down? Give up? An Umbrella! Sadly that was my first learned joke as a child and I used to drive my parents nuts with it about 20 times a day. I guess it was for a reason though… So I can share my insanity!

I love rain and it seems that the stormy season is upon us once again. April showers and it’s flowers are long gone, but now it’s time for the downpours from tropical storms, hurricanes, El Ninos, and the impending doom of global warming disasters. Hooray!

I was caught in a storm today and really annoyed because someone swiped my umbrella in the office claiming it was theirs. It was a black umbrella, just like the one everyone else has. She was an older lady so I let her win, but then I realized I didn’t care. It was dull anyway.

If I am truly going to be an Uber-Nerd, I realized I needed to get a new umbrella. Some of these you may have seen before, but I had no idea so many new options were available to me these days. I reached out to my buddies and below are our favorites.

We even found a bunch of affordable great concept umbrellas that are suitable for CosPlay and everyday, shaped as flowers, have various lighting effects, and even one you can write on. Check them out in the carousel thingamajiggy (yes that’s a technical term) at the end of this post. These are all insanely cool.

It’s never boring being a Nerd.

For the anime fan in me, I found the Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella really fits the bill. It looks like a real sword but is actually an umbrella. It comes in two sizes: “Katana” at approximately 38.75 inches long with a 41 inch opened diameter and “Tanto” at approximately 27.25 inches long with a 38 inch opened diameter.

Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella

As every martial arts film demonstrates, rain can’t touch you if your sword slices every drop.

A grip of the handle and you are ready for battle. A quick pop and you are ready for the elements. The price runs between $20-$30 (depending upon size) so it is not much more in cost than a normal umbrella.

There is also a Broadsword Handle Umbrella version for the LARPing adventurer in us.

This model goes for about $40. Looking at the hilt of this umbrella it is easy to understand the price difference. This is a serious umbrella for a serious night Knight.

Broadsword Handle Umbrella

Blade Runner (and Star Wars) fans can both rejoice in this next umbrella. Modeled after the cool umbrellas seen in the film, this Blade Runner Style LED Umbrella comes in either a blue or white LED stem.

Blade Runner Style LED Umbrella

At $25 this is way cheaper than a lightsaber, yet cool enough to make you very visible to night time traffic. It uses 3 x LR44 button batteries (don’t worry it’s included) and measures approximately 32.5 inches long with a 41 inch opened diameter. Yes the light can be turned off, but then why would you buy it?

Another cool lighted umbrella is the Lumadot LED Umbrella. This umbrella has lights on the actual umbrella surface that illuminate the exterior of the umbrella and give a futuristic look to an otherwise drab rainy day. It even has a flashlight in the handle.

Lumadot LED Umbrella

The umbrella lights can either be solid or flash on/off and yes you can shut them off completely just like with the Blade Runner umbrella.

It sells for about $30, requires 3 AAA Batteries (this time not included) and measures approximately 32.5 inches long with a 41 inch opened diameter.

Well admittedly these are all great, but I decided to go for the Umbrella Umbrella. Yes we hated the new movie (read our review of Resident Evil: AfterLife 3D), but you can’t deny the awesomeness of this harbinger of doom.

No one will ever confuse this for their umbrella, and if they do I’ll put zombie juice on their lunch (I am a Nerd – believe me when I say I have a recipe).

At $15 and with a 42 inch opened diameter, I am sold!

Hope this helped you find that special saturation prevention mechanism you’ve been missing, but if you need more options, check these out…

Enjoy! Have Fun! Be True To Who You Are!

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