Wednesday October 18th 2017

Nerd Office Supplies – DC Comics Superhero Edition

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Have a boring desk? We understand. The Red Swingline Stapler from Office Space just is not enough anymore. Unfortunately it has become such a common part of pop-culture, even these are mysteriously “misplaced” now and hard to claim as your own.

So what is an Uber Nerd to do? Well maybe we can help. We found these cool DC Comic desk supplies that are sure to super power any old setup, reclaim your cube, and restore your nerd integrity.

As always, you can press the the links or images for more info or to purchase these items.

To start off, for about $24 you can get your hands on this Justice League Superman Stapler to replace your red stapler fixation.

We have to admit we weren’t too impressed by the appearance of this item because this looks more like a toy than a stapler.

I doubt this is a high quality stapler, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high, but let’s call it a functional collectible.

You can have the Man of Steel punch your staples through reams of trees (ok paper) without even breaking a sweat.

Just be sure you push on the stapler head, not Superman’s. That would be rude, and would more than likely cause it to break eventually.

At around $20 you can reclaim your coffee cup for you daily dose of caffeine and use this Justice League Batman Pen & Pencil Holder instead.

It displays the Dark Knight perched before a chimney on a base designed to emulate Gotham City’s signature roof tops, complete with gargoyle.

The only downside is too many pens would probably hide our hero from view. Based on the image, it seems the holder was created immediately in front of Batman’s pose. Not the best design, but I am sure you could slightly angle the statue to get a better view.

We still think it’s a pretty cool place to store all those loose pens and pencils on your desk and hopefully discourage them from falling into the clutches of evil doers, aka the unrelenting “can I borrow a pen for just a second” gang.

Discourage how you ask? It’s a bat. People fear the Knight. Duh.

As an alternate pen holder, or better yet a marker/highlighter holder, you can pick up the Justice League Wonder Woman Pen & Pencil Holder.

Her famous Golden Lasso of Truth forms a circular container which allows you to hold items.

As an added plus, it also has an area for note paper so you can document all those secret missions every hero needs to track, like “pick up toilet paper on the way home”.

It also runs for around $20 and may be the most impressively designed item on the list.

Lastly, we thought this was pretty cool. At $35 this double sided Batman Folding Pen has both black and blue ink and a sweet display stand.

Perfect weaponry for writing, proving once again the pen is mightier than the sword.

I would dare anyone in the office to claim this is their pen. Once again though, don’t expect a high quality instrument and you won’t be disappointed.

This is about the collectible and fun design. We aren’t talking Mont Blanc here.

We’ve done all we can here for now. I believe it’s time for our departure.

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