Wednesday October 18th 2017

More Superhero Hoodie Sweatshirts!

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As we wrote in our last post, Superhero Hoodies – Essential Nerd Gear, Superhero Hoodies are coming up everywhere lately.

Compared to the last batch we reviewed, these are definitely a notch closer to full fandom. Got to love the look of these, but you may need to be a true Uber Nerd to appreciate this batch of comic book inspired gear.

Although these look more for Halloween, they would be perfect for similar costume events (i.e. Comic Conventions, etc). You can be dressed in a minute and fight crime, or the lines.

Here are some more of our favorites being sold at 80’s Tees. Click the links or images to be taken to the site for more photos and information.

OK, the chest drawing may be a bit much, but this Aquaman Sweatshirt Zipper Hoodie would not look authentic without it. I am not sure how this would fit into any wardrobe though. What can you match with bright orange and green? Costs about $40.

This Superman Sweatshirt Zipper Hoodie actually comes with a cape. I’m not kidding. A cape is attached, but don’t worry it is detachable (but then what’s the point).

The main downside – no pockets, the cape is attached with metal snaps (which are visible when you remove the cape), and you can’t fly. Costs around $50.

OK, that was the starter set compared to these next two.

The Batman Sweatshirt Zipper Hoodie comes with a mask and a cape. Just like with the Superman one above, the cape is detachable but leaves those metal snaps.

The mask folds into the hood, but the ears stay out. This time it has pockets to supplement your Utility Belt. Costs around $50.

We saved what we consider the best for last… the Captain America Sweatshirt Zipper Hoodie with Mask! You may disagree with us, but we really like this one.

Unlike the Batman and Superman sweatshirts, where the designs are printed on, the Captain America hoodie has the main signature colors sewn in as individual fabric pieces.

The downside on this one is the mask is part of the hood, and can’t be folded in. The cost is around $60 and they even have a 24 inch Captain America plastic shield for around $25.

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