Wednesday October 18th 2017

Marvel Digital Comics – Why It’s Worth Checking Out!

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Marvel Digital Comics are awesome and growing daily.

Marvel has tried several times to create an online comic book portal to its amazing archive. While there was a difference of opinion on the success of each iteration, the greater failure would have been in not trying.

Marvel is constantly looking for ways to re-invent itself, but fans aren’t always so eager to jump on the bandwagon. The original attempts to create a movie franchise failed miserably with straight to video films like The Punisher, Fantastic Four, and Captain America TV movies.

I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to re-jump on the online comics wagon. Marvel’s first attempts at providing online comics often led to few titles, poor navigation, and sometimes hard to read pages.

About a year ago, Marvel completely revamped their interface. I heard some good things about it, and finally decided to give it another try. I was truly surprised. It’s actually pretty cool, much easier to use, and there are many classic issues available. It even has a magnifier. Awesome.

Click this image to view a sample of the Marvel Digital Comics interface.

Granted, these are usually older issues, and you have to wait a few months before newly printed issues are made available online, but if you are like me and have been consuming comics in those large compendium volumes just to stay on top of the latest story lines or spend tons of cash on magazines, graphic novels, and back issues, this is really a great deal.

The coolest thing by far is the cost. For about $5 a month (at an annual subscription rate of approximately $60 annually) you get access to over 7,000 titles, including the 1st 100 issues of Amazing Spider-Man, and the complete first run of X-Men. I was amazed at how crisp these comics look, and also happy to finally be able to read issues I would probably never be able to actually own.

They even have a larger selection of free comics you can view before making a subscription decision. You can check it out for yourself by clicking this link to visit the official Marvel Digital Comics website. They have several free issues you can browse, and no download is required, other than the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

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  • Victor D says:

    OMG there are so many issues there. I signed up and I can’t get off the website. It is easier than I thought and it loads pretty smoothly. I wanted more X-Men and Thor though. I guess I have to wait.

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