Thursday October 19th 2017

Kick-Ass: Disturbing-Hysterical-AMAZING!

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With the upcoming August 3rd DVD release of the motion picture “Kick-Ass” in retail stores nationwide, it’s a great time to revisit and post a review of the movie itself, having watched it myself 3 times in theaters. This was a great movie that really “Kicked” my expectations! The movie is completely stolen by two relatively unknown actors, Aaron Johnson (Dave Lizewski – Kick-Ass) and Chloe Moretz (Mindy Macready – Hit Girl). Don’t be put off by the title. This is something you will want on your shelf.

From the start of the movie to the end, you are transported on a journey into the main characters desire for a world with something more. From the first scene, where the protagonist, Dave Lizewski, asks his friends “doesn’t it bug you so many people are trying to be Paris Hilton and no one is trying to be Spider Man?”, we find ourselves agreeing and sympathizing with the character. His friends reactions to his comments are typical of society’s apathy. With that introduction we have a different kind of superhero movie. A movie where a geek who reads comics, decides to break down all barriers and become a true hero. To create a better and more hopeful world at his own risk of injury, life and possible death. Dave Lizewski does not become a hero by an accidental spider bite or an explosion of gamma radiation, instead he invents himself into a hero from his own mind.

The film spins off into a chain of events that changes his world forever, showing an example although fictitious, of how we are not powerless to act in our communities for the better … and that is a powerful message indeed. This message however, is inescapably wrapped in a package of blood, graphic violence, sexual desire, profanity and controversy.

“Hit Girl” kills scores of criminals with impunity in the film, using profanity to the dismay and outrage of many parents groups. The fight scenes with this character are beyond spectacular. Watching someone as young as Chloe Moretz embody this character to such perfection left me with nothing but respect of her future acting abilities. I literally went from laughter, to shock, to awe, to outright applause as I watched her performance. Amazing.

Nicholas Cage gives us a striking performance as “Big Daddy”, that is both comical in its Adam West parody, and contains an undertone of the driven and obsessed man. A man willing to go at any length to bring the D’Amico crime syndicate down and willing to go so far as to take his daughter with him down that path of destruction.

The audience is taken on an amazing ride with this cast of characters through motivations of changing the world from the ordinary, finding love and discovering the hero within. As with any hero film, they must undoubtedly encounter villains. Mark Strong, (whom you may remember from Sherlock Holmes as the villain Lord Blackwood) brilliantly plays the evil mafia boss Frank D’Amico. Christopher Mintz-Plasse (from such popular hits as “Role Model”, “Year One”, and “SuperBad”), plays an integral role as Chris D’Amico/Red Mist, who successfully convinces the audience of the complexity of his character which is torn between wanting friendships, and wanting to be included in his father’s criminal operations. As Red Mist we see the entrance of yet another costumed character in the film, which adds to the excitement and the laughter. In Red Mist, we see the betrayer, but we also see the need and desperation to be accepted. The roller coaster of a movie keeps our attention and steadily moves forward until it reaches an amazing climax that leaves us wanting more.

This film is also distinguished in that it is one of the few movies that stays true to the eight issue comic book series it is based on, as written by Mark Millar. You really need to pick up the complete Kick-Ass Hardcover Graphic Novel set so you can make a comparison. It is a great read and you can really see the character evolution on screen. This is Mark’s second comic book concept to see the bright lights of Hollywood. His first was the well received graphic novel and film Wanted. Wanted however, had massive amounts of changes to both the plot and storyline.

This is a true must-have DVD for any Nerd’s collection to enjoy watching again and again. It was missed by so many people because of the fear it was yet another Hollywood Superhero spoof, but I assure you, this is no mockery. This is a Comic Book movie at its finest and possibly the best movie we’ve seen in years.

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