Wednesday October 18th 2017

Iron Man II – The Mark V Briefcase of Tony Stark

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In the interest of functional collectibles, we would like to submit the following for your consideration.

A briefcase.

No … it won’t make you a superhero, it does not turn into a suit, and it certainly is not bullet proof…BUT it is damn cool. It’s the Official Marvel Collectibles Iron Man II Tony Stark’s Mark V Suit Briefcase! This is one office supply movie geeks will love.

You have to appreciate the genuine look and feel of this. I would love to slam this on a table during a meeting and just calmly say “I am Iron Man”. Of course I’d probably get escorted out by security, but that is the challenge of being an UberNerd I suppose.

The officially licensed replica of Tony Stark’s Briefcase seen in Iron Man 2 will be available 1st Quarter of 2011. A final release date has not been locked down as of the time of this posting, but it is now available for pre-order.

Constructed of fully machined aluminum, water resistant, painted with automotive Iron Man red and silver chrome paint, 2 security locks, and molded to match the design of the film’s signature case, this is definitely not your Daddy’s briefcase (or your kid’s lunchbox)!

The interior comes with the standard sleeves, cushioning, and compartments that you normally would expect in briefcases.

Since this is a 500 piece limited edition collectible, you know it will be sold out way before the release date, so if you want one you better move on it!

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2 Comments for “Iron Man II – The Mark V Briefcase of Tony Stark”

  • Annie Gupta says:

    Too bad it does not turn into a suit, because that is one ugly briefcase. I loved the movie but unless it comes with some technology built in, like an iPad or something, this is a hard sell.

  • Brandon says:

    Fuckin awesome. Not something I would buy, but it does look sweet.

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