Tuesday November 21st 2017

Indie Game Challenge – Game Programmers Wanted!

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Entertainment has always been the most sought after item in the world to pass the time away and grasp the minds attention. Even dating back to thousands of years ago, great warriors would gather at a Coliseum and watch humans fight to the death for their own selfish greed and interest.

Nerds, it seems, have carried this greed and desire in them for years; we seek out entertainment like Jabba sniffs out money. Who can deny that when a new cool game comes out, we don’t jump at the opportunity to own it?

Successfully creating and marketing unique and popular entertainment is perhaps the most challenging part of the gaming industry. Unless you know someone or have built an online following, the chance is pretty slim you would be given a chance to prove your worth as a game developer/designer.

The Indie Game Challenge offers anyone with mid-level programming knowledge the opportunity to submit game concepts and compete with other designers, for a small fee of $100. Anyone who believes the force is strong in them, may be remembered if their game is truly out of this world.

Entries for the Indie Game Challenge are being accepted until October 1, 2010. Contestants will need to send a 60 second video of who they are and what their concept is about. You’ll also need to send them a copy of the prototype you have in mind on a disc. The judging on the final product will take place in 2011. Winners will have the chance to have their game published, compete to earn a grand prize possibly as high as $100,000 dollars, and even qualify for a scholarship opportunity.

Check out the updated and complete official rules, registration, and full prize information available at the Indie Game Challenge website.

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