Thursday October 19th 2017

House-Elf: Servant, Protector, Friend, COLLECTIBLE!

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Ask anyone what are the most controversial characters on Harry Potter, and you’ll often get the “House Elf”. Compared to a slave or an indentured servant, the House Elf concept does get under the skin of many people, but you have to not think about the character in the traditional human sense.

The mythology of the House Elf was explained to be more of an assigned family protector than a slave. While they do act as a servant of sorts, they are really very powerful beings who watch over a household and protect not only a family, but their secrets. They also live to serve, and consider it an insult if you constantly refuse them (yep pure fantasy). Just don’t make them angry.

The House Elf is easier to understand if you relate it to the classic stories of old, like the Grimm Fairy Tale of “The Elves and the Shoemaker”. They enjoy helping others, and even perform miraculous tasks for the homes they live in. Ironically, the elves in this tale also left once given clothing. Click this link to read the story of “The Elves and the Shoemaker” on

So why does this matter? Well now you too can have your own House Elf (notice I did not say own because that is wrong). There are currently 2 options available, straight from Harry Potter movies and literature.

Dobby, the gentle hearted House Elf who was unfortunately tasked with protection and service of the Malfoy family and Kreacher, the grumpy House Elf who served the House of Black (no not Jack Black).

Dobby is a full 2 feet 4 inches in height and is constructed of durable vinyl with glass textured eyes. This is an officially licensed and approved collectors item, complete with Certificate of Authenticity from Warner Bros, the studio behind the films. It is priced around $700 and must be specially ordered.

You can purchase or get more information on the Harry Potter Dobby Display Statue by clicking here to visit the official Warner Bros website or by pressing the image.

Kreacher is a bit harder to find, but seems to be available on Amazon. The statue is only a bust and measures approximately 6 1/2 inches. Priced at around $80, this is definitely the more affordable option, but in no way a lesser one.

You can get more information on Amazon by pressing clicking this link to view the Harry Potter: Kreacher Mini-Bust.

Although different in price and size, both have great detail. These look like great collector pieces, especially considering all the other House Elf items in the market lean more towards toys than art.

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