Tuesday October 17th 2017

Grocery Store Wars – A Star Wars Food Spoof

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Grocery Store Wars is a Star Wars spoof set in … yeah a Grocery Store. It does a nice alternate summary of Star Wars Episode IV, with a few references on the later films.

It’s been out for a while, but as I’ve said before this section of the site is more about putting together all the cool videos out there into one source for easy access, than it is about the latest and greatest.

You have to love the cool time spent to develop this animated supermarket battle that uses shopping carts and baskets as space-ships and food items as characters.

The voice talents are pretty close to the original actors and the animators really went to great lengths to match other film details creatively.

The short film stars: C3 Peanuts, Tofu D2, Obi Wan Cannoli, Princess Lettuce, Ham Solo, ChewBroccoli, and of course Darth Tater. It even has a special appearance by Yodgurt giving the final organic food message.

Some feel the intention of this film is more of film political or activist statement on organically grown food versus chemically enhanced food, than it is a parody. I personally did not feel this while watching it, but I’ll leave it to you to decide.


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