Wednesday October 18th 2017

Ghostbusters Piggy Banks

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Found a strange item today at the local toy shop, Ghostbusters banks in the form of Slimer and 3 versions in the form of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man:

Priced between $20-$60, Slimer measures approximately 11 inches in height and the Stay Puft figures measure approximately 8 inches in height.

They apparently came out over this year at select Toys R Us shops, and quickly sold out. This is definitely one of those collectibles you really have to put in the odd category.

Having held them myself, I can say they are fairly detailed replica’s but very toy like (hard plastic or similar material). They both seemed pretty solid however and well painted. They each have a giant slit on their backs for loose cash and change.

I especially liked the Slimer, but that may be my personal preference. With so few items on the market around Ghostbusters, it is nice to see such large figures being created.

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