Wednesday October 18th 2017

Flux Capacitor Time Machine Replica from Back to the Future!

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Ever want to go to a point in your past and fix something? Well you can’t! Didn’t you watch Back to the Future?

If you know what a DeLorean, a peak acceleration of 88 miles per hour, 1.21 gigawatts of power, a clock, and a toilet, have in common then maybe this is for you (or maybe you need to get out more).

If you are handy you could probably build one, but for about $240 you can finally own your own Back To the Future: Flux Capacitor Time Machine Replica. OK, the only thing it will send back in time is your finances, but still it is pretty cool.

Building your own might cost less, but it would probably take a lot of time, which is something you really can’t afford unless you had this to go back in time so you never lost any time building it?!? Great Scott it’s a paradox! What the Flux?!?

Measuring at approximately 16 inches high (40.64 cm) by 12 inches wide (30.48 cm), the collectible has the patterned lights and design seen on the model from the movie. This is a fan’s dream.

This was originally sold out a few years ago, but the powers that be are releasing it again for a second time. Maybe something changed in the timeline?

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