Tuesday November 21st 2017

AUCTION – Farscape Rygel Plush Figure – Own the Dominar of 600 Billion!

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We are auctioning off a 12 inch version of this rare plush figure on eBay ending Sunday Dec 18! Click the link to go to eBay for your chance to bid!

Dominar Rygel Plush Figure on eBay

You have to love a Science Fiction show that balances CGI with real puppetry, yet still comes off as impressive and not out-dated.

Farscape is one of the few shows that successfully pulled this off. It is a true staple in Sci Fi. So where are the collectibles?

Well, while you can find most of the key characters in relatively faithful form (see below), finding non-humanoid characters like the Leviathan ship Moya, DRDs (Diagnostic Repair Drones), and Pilot are almost impossible.

The good news is Dominar Rygel XVI is available in plush form.

Not sure if it is a puppet, but you can always take out the stuffing if you are creative enough. The figure measures around 12 inches, which is about half the height of the real thing (but does size really matter), and goes for around $90. Not too expensive for the formerly deposed royal sovereign of the Hynerian Empire who ruled more than 600 billion citizens.

For a stuffed figure, the resemblance is relatively close. I think the only issue is that it looks too clean. Rigel was always drooling or covered in ship dirt. I guess I could toss it down some steps, but where would the collectible value be then?

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