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Review of the NY Big Apple Comic Con 2010 (and some photos)!

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This past weekend (October 1-3) was the Big Apple Comic Con at the Penn Plaza Pavilion in New York.

I attended the event for a full day on Saturday.

I’ve been to this event in the past and have been really entertained, but sadly this year it seemed a bit off.

First the Cons to the Con

You can always be sure that the Big Apple Comic Con is going to be a well organized and well represented event, but the move to Penn Plaza may have been a mistake (or the Plaza underestimated the event requirements).

The space was difficult to navigate and felt very cramped. The whole setup required the convention be in 5 areas. In the main entrance, the first floor (surrounding an escalator) was actors/headliners, the basement was filled with Comic artists and writers (many of which I felt belonged on the actor/headliner floor), and the second floor (also surrounding an escalator) contained vendors. The vendors were also too repetitive this year offering few collectibles and way too many comic book tables.

An elevator ride was required to attend guest panels, and the gaming section was given possibly one of the largest and best open spaces, but it required you to cross the lobby or walk out of the building to another entrance to attend.

I was also surprised to find there were not too many costumed fans this year. Not sure why this was, but perhaps it has a lot to do with the event’s unfortunate date proximity to the New York Comic Con planned for this coming weekend. This was by no means the fault of the event hosts, there just happened to be a date change in the usually earlier NY Comic Con in order to host a joint event with The New York Anime Festival.

Now the Pros

The pros definitely outweigh the cons. The organizers of this event really prove every year that they know how to move and promote a convention.

Outside the event was crowded with passers by. The first thing we noticed was a replica of the Batmobile, parked right in front of the hotel on Seventh Avenue. A few members of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers (including one Jawa!) was also in attendance and helped generate excitement and buzz inside and out of the convention by offering comic relief and free photos. It seems they are popping up at more and more places lately.

Upon entering, a life-size R2D2 greeted guests and genre fans were treated with booths and opportunities to meet and take photos with notable celebrities of the past like Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man), and Adam West & Burt Ward (Batman & Robin from the 1966-1968 TV Series). These gentlemen were very enthusiastic and warm towards their fans. Considering their shrinking fan base, I felt autographs were a bit pricey at $50 for Adam West, $50 for Burt Ward, and $70 for Lee Majors. We also had a chance to meet and talk to Herbert Jefferson Jr., who played Lt. Boomer in the original Battlestar Galactica series. He is really a great man with a strong character to match.

Doug Jones (the actor who played The Silver Surfer in the Fantastic Four movie and Abe Sapien in the Hellboy films) was extremely personable, hugging fans and taking the time to get to know them. For a character actor who barely talks in films, it seems Doug was full of non-stop anecdotes and smiles. His autograph, and that of many others, was a less painful $30.

Seated together were two amazing and beautiful women, who give as powerful a presence in person as they did on screen: Erin Gray (Colonel Wilma Deering) from Buck Rogers and Mary McDonnell who most recently played President Laura Roslin in the 2004-2009 reboot of Battlestar Galactica, and also played key roles in Independence Day (First Lady Marilyn Whitmore), and Donnie Darko (Rose Darko – the Mom).

Scattered among these greats were Jake Lloyd (Young Anakin) and Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks) of Star Wars fame, Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 (who I could not find), newbie Julia Jones (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse), and Nicholas Brendon & Clare Kramer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame (who I also could not find).

St. Marks Comics was a breath of fresh air on the Vendor floor, offering tons of rare of collectibles and a very friendly hostess dressed as Emma Frost the White Queen of X-Men fame. I’ve linked their site above, but it looks as if they are still building some sections of it. Most of the navigation tabs work so click around.

Verizon was also there, offering posters and demonstrations of the new R2D2 Droid phone we reviewed last week. This team was well represented and very energetic. They did a great job talking to fans.

There were several other actors in attendance, but I really don’t think The Brady Bunch, Willie Wonka, Wrestlers, etc should be at these events, so this is about as much space as I will give their representation. I respect and even enjoyed their work, but this is a comic-con.

The guest panels were great and the Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con hosts really kept everything on track. Overall I think this was a great fan event and I can’t wait to go again next year. It appears they plan on being at the same location next year. I hope the hotel does a better job at providing a wider location to this really important fan event.

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There are a few more Wizard World Comic Cons planned for the year. We’ll be doing our best to keep you up to date, but you can also check out the official Wizard World website for the latest and greatest.

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