Wednesday October 18th 2017

Doctor Who TARDIS Frenzy!

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So many TARDIS’ so much time! There seems to be a lot of Doctor Who TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) models popping up on the market lately and I have to say I love the variety.

I saw a few of these at a convention recently and actually got the chance to look and hold some of them. Here are some cool options to display your Time Lord fandom.

The Doctor Who TARDIS Cookie Jar is a simple idea that offers an excellent way to hide your favorite treats. It has sound effects and a flashing hood lamp that animate whenever you push down on the lamp or close the lid. At 11 inches high and a 5×5 width, you can fit a decent amount of goodies. Just a note, it uses three 1.5V G13 button cell batteries, but I believe they are included. Eating from this container will definitely pass the time away (pardon the pun)! I love this.

Another cool item is the Doctor Who 11th Doctor’s Flight Control Tardis. It’s 8.7 inches high with a width of 4.5 x 4.5 inches. It has working doors (that unfortunately only swing inward), and even has cool internal and external details. The height is perfect to fit any of your favorite 5 inch Official 11 Doctors of Doctor Who Collection characters. It even has lights and sounds, but I don’t think it can time travel.

I actually got to play with this one, but I have to admit it was a bit hard to keep balanced. I recommend spinning with two hands (or fingers rather), but this is truly awesome. The Doctor Who Timelord Spinning TARDIS really spins. It uses magnets and batteries to keep the TARDIS levitating in mid-air. It is pretty small at approximately 3 inches in height and uses 6 AA batteries, but it is really a unique novelty.

Call me a loser, but this last one I had to buy. As with many of the collectibles I choose, it’s functional! The Doctor Who Tardis USB 4 Port Hub Station has lights and sounds that activate as you connect/disconnect items from any of the four ports at the base. It’s approximately 4.5 inches tall and is a sweet display item. I hooked up my camcorder and my pen tablet to it, and have not had an issue.


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