Wednesday November 22nd 2017

Doctor Who Season 5 on DVD and Blu-Ray

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Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series, aka Doctor Who Season 31, aka the first season of the new Doctor, Matt Smith, will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray this Tuesday 11/9.

Co-starring the very beautiful Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, this 11 Doctor reboot even kicked off a newly designed TARDIS.

Although fans of the long time show are used to the ever changing Doctor, the franchise really takes a risk when they change leads.

The previous Doctor Who, David Tennant, really won over the hearts of a new generation of fans, so it was not surprising to hear many were upset by his departure.

To make matters worse, the show also changed its logo and production staff, now headed by Steven Moffat.

While this would kill most shows, it really did not take fans a long time to warm up to the new Doctor Who team. After a slow start, the show jumped back into familiar fan territory with “Victory of the Daleks”, which provided a new look at an old fan favorite.

31 seasons later, love it or hate it, Doctor Who is here to stay and is one of the best Science Fiction/Fantasy shows on TV.

You can pick up a copy or get more information on Season 5 via any of the links or images on this post.

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