Tuesday November 21st 2017

Create Your Own Font with the Pilot Handwriting Tool

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With the advent of email and digital social media like Facebook and Twitter, it is becoming more and more rare to get an actual handwritten letter. I am starting to think my last batch from the early 90’s are collectibles (the stamps have to at least be worth double their value). Even bills are paid online.

Who has time to walk all the way to the post office and buy a stamp? The licking, the peeling, the writing… it is just too much effort!

Luckily the people at Pilot have developed a way for people to give a personal touch, yet barely move off the couch.

The video below shows a cool program they developed to create your own font using your own handwriting.

Whenever you send an email or type a document up, you can convert it to your font and add that personal touch.

Now all the receiver has to do is print it out… or just make a folder on their desktop. Let’s not get crazy.

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