Thursday October 19th 2017

Comic Con Stabbing

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Violence at a Convention?

Ok, it seems a man was stabbed in or near the eye socket with a pen last night at Comic Con over a fight about a seat. I say in or near because the news reports (looking for sensationalism) have said everything from a minor stab in the eye to just a scratch on the eyelid. The only thing everyone seems to agree to is that the victim was carried out on a stretcher. The identity of neither the victim nor the attacker has been released. The news media is referring to him as a Harry Potter fan because he had a Harry Potter shirt on that was apparently given away for free earlier in the day. Just like the Darth Vader Bank Robber and the Klingon 7-Eleven Robber, does this make him a fan or just someone who got a free shirt?

To me, the real breaking point to this news is not the attack that the news media outlets love to report on, but the fact that the attacker was held in custody by actual attendees until the police arrived. This is awesome and shows the true fan culture you find at conventions.

Nerd Fans are generally passive people who pay the price of admission to revel in their obsessions. There is no hostile aggression in fantasy role playing as their is in sports. It is not a norm to hear someone was injured in a dispute over Star Wars vs Star Trek as you would almost expect in almost any sporting event.

Comic Con has moved from catering to fans to creating a massive media frenzy that includes presentations of shows that are no longer in any related fan genre and tons of paparazzi. The convention is littered with people that do not belong there, many of whom do not really understand the culture and mispronounce everything on the news. Every website and true nerd commentator has said this in some form or another. Perhaps this is an incident waiting to happen. The more popular Comic Con becomes to non-standard fans, the more disruptive and dangerous it will become for true genre fans.

I found the closing of the Article from Channel 10 news interesting.
“[Police Officer] Stafford described the Comic-Con crowd of self-described freaks and geeks as usually tame. “There really haven’t been any issues,” he said. “They don’t drink, so that cuts down on the fights.”

Wow.  I guess that’s a compliment.

You can read and view more about the incident at the following news sites:

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  • Samuel G says:

    Didn’t even hear about this. I must have ignored the news that week. I agree with what you were saying though, the media takes this out of context. Fans don’t act like this. This is paparazzi and losers who have no understanding or true appreciation for the nature of science fiction/fantasy genres. It’s really a shame that fans have to be subjected to something as stupid as this. We are all at these events to just have a good time.

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