Wednesday October 18th 2017

Batmobile: The Authorized Batman Real Car Replica!

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Holy Bat Cash! Who say’s being an obsessed fan won’t amount to anything?

Mark Racop has thought about the Batmobile since he first saw the show on TV at around age 2. It inspired him so much, it determined his destiny…build one.

His journey to recreate this car led him to a successful and respected business as a body shop that specializes in recreations called “Fiberglass Freaks. After literally a lifetime of drawings, notes, and prototypes his dream finally came true.

In 2010, DC Comics was so impressed by the full scale fully detailed model that his team built, they put their official stamp of approval and authorized Fiberglass Freaks to sell Officially Licensed replicas of the Batmobile. Oh, and when I say fully detailed, I am not just being a fan here. The car comes complete with the famous “rocket exhaust” flame thrower.

The price of one of these collector fantasies? There have been several estimates online, but how can you really price a labor of love? Easily! Put it on eBay. You can now bid on the “1966 BATMOBILE® Replica DC001” – the first model in the line, at auction (which is currently at around $70,000), complete with Certificate of Authenticity.

You have about 6 days left to bid (auction ends Oct 7th), so you have plenty of time to liquidate all your assets, or if you are Jay Leno, make space in the garage.

If you have enough cash to buy this beauty, um don’t forget my modest finders fee.

To the Batmobile Robin! Woohoo!

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