Thursday October 19th 2017

Alien Hand Puppets

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In the category of cool, but strange, we came across these interesting alien hand puppets. Yet another way we work hard to make sure you are viewed as strange, but then again why deny the part of us that loves to have fun and be creative!

Well this first puppet is the cool one at any rate. This cute Poppeteers Space Alien Adventure Hand Puppet will be sure to give your kids (or yourself) many hours of storytelling joy (or buy two and keep your hands warm while freaking out your friends). It goes for about $20 which is not too bad considering the price of most baby toys. It’s either this or Elmo. Decision time.

This next puppet item however is definitely the strange one, a Baby Alien Puppet with Crying Sound and space blanket.

It would probably give more nightmares than joy, but it is intended as a Halloween prop (or perhaps a Christmas or Birthday gift for that special little someone – who needs another Barbie anyway)!

Creepy or Cool? We’ll leave that up to you.

Made out of latex and at around $80 with shipping costs included, this is a bit pricey, but you can’t deny the uniqueness of it.

It is being sold as a puppet, but I can’t tell if that means you press a button and it moves or you can actually shove your hand inside of it. Buyer beware I guess.

We were just kidding about Barbie, so if you wake up with a sudden urge to buy one of these, don’t blame us, blame the aliens.

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