Tuesday November 21st 2017

Alien Anthology – High Definition Excellence

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The first four Alien films will be released in a new package called Alien Anthology on Blu-ray this Tuesday 10/26 (yes none of that AVP crap), the same date as the Back to the Future Trilogy release.

There are only a few films I would care to buy on Blu-ray and this is definitely on my top 5, but while I love the films, and seeing them in high definition and improved surround sound does seem appealing, the set essentially offers the same extras and variations the last Alien Quadrilogy (Alien / Aliens / Alien 3 / Alien Resurrection) Special Edition DVD set offered (i.e. theatrical vs Director’s Cut versions).

At about $90 for the entire batch, you really can’t go wrong however. The movies offered on the Alien Anthology are definitive Science Fiction action horror and no one has been even close to copying the imagery or simple frights offered by the first 2 films.

Deny it if you want, but these films were directly and indirectly responsible for the success of several top Directors and celebrities who were relatively unknown and also gave added production power for additional science fiction film classics.

Alien (the first movie) was directed by Ridley Scott, who later went on to direct the science fiction classic Blade Runner (starring Harrison Ford), kicked off the franchise by embedding two definitive science fiction genre elements: unpredictable shock and true fear of the unknown.

This first film introduced the world to the face hugging and chest busting aliens in a scene that scares the hell out of you no matter how many times you see it. It’s a scene that catches the audience by total surprise and has scored countless failed imitators.

The second and possibly most interesting thing about this film however is not the actual alien (although the design was amazing), but how Ridley Scott successfully used our natural fears to create the appearance of a claustrophobic, dark, wet, echoing space vessel, the Nostromo. We actually never really get a good look at the alien until the movie is in its final minutes, but by then we are already too far under our blanket to see it.

Aliens, the second film, was directed by James Cameron, whose film credits at the time only included Terminator, but post the film his fanboy achievements include those box office failures: Terminator II (forever securing Arnold’s career), The Abyss, Titanic (truly launching the careers of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet), Avatar (the blue aliens, not the kid with an arrow on his head), and who could forget his greatest fanboy contribution Jessica Alba in Dark Angel (sorry ladies, but I did throw in DiCaprio).

Putting all that aside, this film introduced the world to the perfect science fiction/fantasy action formula which has also become the staple for all video games since it first aired…military forces vs unrelenting intelligent ferocious adversaries that come in multiple forms. It also introduced us to the Aliens as a hive mentality working for a queen, and made them extra scary because instead of one alien, as shown in the first film, there were hundreds, and they were coordinated.

If that is not enough, this film series really kicked off the concept of a female action hero, Ripley, as played by Sigourney Weaver. Which in turn also really kicked off her career and other iconic favorites for her roles in Galaxy Quest, Ghostbusters, and most recently Avatar.

If you have not seen these films, this would be a good time to grab a classic.

Alien and Aliens are considered to be the best, but the latter two, Aliens III and Alien Resurrection, have their moments as well. Check out the preview below:

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3 Comments for “Alien Anthology – High Definition Excellence”

  • Ralph T says:

    I bought the set, but I was disappointed with the extras. Does not seem like anything new. I was hoping for some new interviews or downloads. The transfer was excellent though. The second movie is my favorite and I don’t think I have ever seen it so clearly.

  • Chris J says:

    My favorite was Aliens and Resurrection. I hated 3 and the first one was good but too slow. AVP was garbage.

  • Allen says:

    I love it. I own the VHS set, and bought the last DVD released set. I saw this set being previewed at the Comic Con and it looked so amazingly sharp, I can’t wait to be scared again.

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