Thursday October 19th 2017

About Us

Hello Fellow Uber-Nerds,

I am sure you are wondering what is it we want to accomplish by adding yet another nerd site to the web? Well the answer and our mission prime directive is simple.

We have one goal…Unite Our Nation!

UberNerdNation is about bringing together all the Nerdy things we are passionate about, and having fun. We really are not about pop-culture, tech fads, celebrity gossip, or irate blogging. Our goal is to provide you with fun and informative content on topics that matter to you most as well as the occasional social commentary. Your hosts on this journey are Rudy and Chris (plus a few friends)! We have full time jobs, so this is a hobby at the moment, but we are dedicated to providing you with new content regularly. Use the header to click on our RSS feed, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for our newsletter to always stay on top of the latest topics added.

No matter where we fall in the Nation, we are grouped as “Nerds” by the greater populace. So why fight it? We embrace this term and hope to educate that the tags like “Techie”, “Geek”, “Dork”, “Dweeb”, “Gamer”, “Role Player”, “Otaku”, “LARPer”, “Collector”, “Trekkie/Trekker”, “Ringer”, “Brown Coat”, etc are just different parts of a colorful, beautiful, global community of Nerds. These tags are not derogatory and can not stifle or oppress our creativity. Many of these terms are created by us to help define our interests. Whatever you call us or think about us, just remember … we come in peace (ever hear of a riot at or after a science fiction or comic book convention?)!

With the advent of the internet (which would not exist if not for Nerds), we are no longer hidden to one another and our numbers are growing every day. Nerds are coming to the forefront of culture, now more than ever. There are even people claiming to be Nerds (let’s call them wannabe-Nerds) just because they have a “Smart Phone”, like an Android, Blackberry, or iPhone or can use Twitter/Facebook. Perhaps that is why we need a new identifier…Nerd just isn’t enough anymore!

Our Vision

We plan to provide a resource for things that are important to our Nation, a Nation we are proudly a part of. Our goal is to provide you with a mix of meaningful and fun content, with enough information to help you if you want to learn more. We want to build a one-source model where you can get the most up to date information on things that interest you.

We intend to be family-friendly and relatively profanity free, after all we have to nurture the next generation of Nerds, and will not post porn or nudity, but we may reference it, or show the occasional R rated sexy maxim type shot.

Your hosts on this journey are Rudy and Chris (plus a few other friends). We have over 60 combined years of experience being a Nerd! While that may not be positive in some circles, in the UberNerdNation… that is essential.

We are both passionate about science fiction, fantasy, collectibles, comics (anime, manga, comic books, graphic novels), costuming and role playing (LARPing/CosPlay/Historical Re-enactments), classic and new genre television and movies, video games, have a love of science, math, history, programming, …. (it goes on for a while)… and of course writing!

If you are new to any of this, we hope that we inspire your interest! If you are experienced, we can’t wait for your feedback, support, and tips we can share with our readers! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Our Guidelines (or What We Ask Of Our Visitors)

If you came here to mock us, ask yourself how are we any different from a dedicated sports fan that paints themselves up in team colors, collects massive amounts of team gear, or even get’s a team tattoo? Try to remember, supporting a team as if you are a part of it is fantasy because no matter how much you want to believe otherwise, you are a spectator. Fantasy Football and the like are spin offs of Role Playing. Nerds are sports fans too!

Friendly debates are welcome, but do not judge, vent or insult religious, political, or personal beliefs. Be Open Minded! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Nothing is gained from insults. Let’s be educated, have fun, and just talk.

Welcome to your Nation… the UberNerdNation! By Nerds, For Nerds, About Nerdy Things! It all begins with Ü.

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